There are many tiny blood vessels within the lining of our nose. Low humidity, frequent nose blowing, picking the nose, or blows to the nose can irritate these blood vessels and cause bleeding.

For frequent nosebleeds, a small amount of Vaseline used inside the nose 1-3 times daily should help. If your child’s nose begins to bleed, have him/her sit upright on your lap or beside you. Pinch the nostrils together gently for 5 minutes to allow a blood clot to form.

Although it is tempting, do not peek to see if the bleeding has yet stopped, as this will break any clot that is forming. After pinching the nose together for 5 minutes, remove your hand to see if the bleeding has stopped. If the bleeding continues, again try pinching the nose closed gently for an additional 5-minute period. If bleeding persists longer than 30 minutes, please call us.

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