Impetigo is a skin infection caused by bacteria. Impetigo can look like crusted, scabbed areas of skin, especially with yellow honeycomb appearing scabs, or can be areas of large blisters that pop leaving large, round areas of red, raw skin which progressively increase in size and spread. Occasionally, impetigo can look like pus-filled pustules or blisters.

Contact with the sores or with the fluid draining from them can lead to the infection spreading to other sites and to other people. The initial treatment for impetigo is to keep the skin area clean and dry by soaking the area well with soap and water, removing the scabs.

Keep the infected area open to air; if necessary, cover it with a bandage to prevent scratching. A simple area of impetigo can sometimes be treated with a topical antibiotic such as a triple antibiotic ointment available without a prescription.

If several areas are present or the area of infection is large, impetigo is best treated by an oral antibiotic that can be prescribed after seeing your child. Any areas of skin infection with large areas of surrounding redness or accompanied by a fever of 101° F or greater should be seen by a physician to evaluate for cellulitis or an abscess..

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