Many of our families are wrestling with the decision of whether or not to send their children and teens back to “in person school”. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that each child should be given the opportunity for “in person” school. However, every family is unique and has their own set of Pro’s and Con’s to consider.
• Parents must review the safety guidelines the school has in place:

• Family financial considerations:

If the child/ teen will return to school, cloth masks should be worn. It is important that masks fit correctly covering the nose and mouth, lying flat against the face on the sides with comfortable ear pieces. Children are resilient and can adapt to this new normal. Children should practice wearing a mask at home starting with 30 minutes per day and increasing time to the length of the school day. If the mask fits well, children are less likely to touch the outside. Multiple cloth masks are necessary (ideally 5) and should be washed after wearing all day. Frequent hand washing is essential, as well as the use of hand sanitizer. Every child should have a temperature taken before they leave the house. If the temperature is elevated, then they should stay home.