College Physical Exams

College Physical Exams

College physicals are designed to confirm that your health is sufficient to participate in specific activities, and are not intended to replace an annual wellness exam. If you’re a student who needs to get a physical exam done in order to be registered for classes or before being enrolled in a sports team, we can help.

Why Do Colleges Require Physical Exams?

There are two main reasons why colleges require their students to have a physical exam before starting classes. The first reason is to screen for any potential health concerns that the student might have. This is important because it allows the school to provide the necessary resources and accommodations for the student so that they can succeed in their studies. The second reason is that many schools require proof of a physical exam before they will allow students to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities. This is because these activities can put stress on the body, and the school wants to make sure that the student is physically up for the challenge.

What Happens During A Student Physical Exam?

During a student physical exam, your medical providers will take a comprehensive health history and perform a physical examination. If any vaccinations are required by the school, they can be administered at this time. And if any health concerns are identified during the exam, a plan will be developed to address those concerns.

If you need to get a college physical exam done, Sandy Springs Pediatrics is here to help. We offer convenient scheduling options, and we accept most major insurance plans. Plus, our providers have decades of experience treating adolescents and young adults, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

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