Attention to our expecting parents:

As of January 31, 2022 our providers are no longer rounding at Northside Hospital. For our patients who deliver at Northside Hospital, pediatricians on staff will provide care for your baby while you are admitted. The pediatrician at Northside will discharge your baby from the hospital and instruct you when to schedule an appointment with us. Upon discharge from the hospital, please call our office to schedule your newborn appointment.

Our office is still offering prenatal visits.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 404-252-4611.


Many of our families are wrestling with the decision of whether or not to send their children and teens back to “in person school”. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that each child should be given the opportunity for “in person” school. However, every family is unique and has their own set of Pro’s and Con’s to consider.
• Parents must review the safety guidelines the school has in place:

  • Will social distancing be effective in school and on buses/ carpools?
  • Will a mask be required for all staff and students? Will temperatures be taken for all staff and students? Will hand sanitizer be readily available? How often will the school be sanitized?
  • What measures are being taken to reduce the student population by 50%.
  • Would the child be able to be compliant and wear a mask all day at school?
  • How will lunch and snacks be handled? How will bathroom breaks be handled?
  • Will there be a protocol in place for how to handle staff/ students/ visitors who become ill at school? Contact tracing should be included in the protocol.
  • What contingency plan does the school have in place if schools have to be shut down again?
    • Are there high risk people in the family that may be exposed to COVID by the child, (who could be asymptomatic or symptomatic)?
    • Does the family have a way to care for a child who is ill and needs to be quarantined for 14 days?
    • How will the family distinguish between other illnesses, such as Strep throat, Common colds, Influenza and COVID?
    • What is the emotional state of the child?
  • Does the child feel happy about returning to “in person” school or more anxious about possible COVID exposure?
    • Parents must also review how remote classes will be taught:
  • Does the parent feel confident teaching the class or “co-teaching” with online instruction?
  • Does the family have adequate internet for the student and a laptop? Will the school district provide this equipment?
  • Does the parent have to return to “in person” work leaving no one to care for child or supervise virtual learning?
  • If the child has special needs, will the family be able to provide extra services: Speech therapy, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Learning specialist?
    • Special considerations for children with chronic illnesses:
  • Is the child stable and doing well on medication?
  • Will the child need to take a chronic medication at school?
  • Does the child have frequent break through illnesses that puts him at increased risk if exposed to COVID?
  • Is the child medically fragile?

• Family financial considerations:

  • Is the parent able to work from home effectively and provide a quality educational experience for the child who is doing virtual school?
  • If not, would the parent be able to take a leave of absence in order to do so?

If the child/ teen will return to school, cloth masks should be worn. It is important that masks fit correctly covering the nose and mouth, lying flat against the face on the sides with comfortable ear pieces. Children are resilient and can adapt to this new normal. Children should practice wearing a mask at home starting with 30 minutes per day and increasing time to the length of the school day. If the mask fits well, children are less likely to touch the outside. Multiple cloth masks are necessary (ideally 5) and should be washed after wearing all day. Frequent hand washing is essential, as well as the use of hand sanitizer. Every child should have a temperature taken before they leave the house. If the temperature is elevated, then they should stay home.

Dr. Elizabeth Theriot

May 6, 2020

To my patients, friends and families at Sandy Springs Pediatrics,

I am saddened to let you know that I am moving out of state at the end of June and, consequently, I will be leaving Sandy Springs Pediatrics. This move is bittersweet for me. My husband and I are excited to return home to New Orleans to be closer to our families and roots.  However, I will miss the outstanding staff of Sandy Springs Pediatrics, our adopted second home of Atlanta and all of my wonderful patients.  It has been a joy and honor to care for your children and to watch your families grow over the past three years. Thank you for entrusting the care of your children to me and I wish you all the best!


Dr. Lizzie Theriot

Office Hours and Telemedicine

We have shortened our hours starting this week. Office will close at 5pm with last patient scheduled around 4:30.

To limit possible exposure, we are seeing all Well patients in the mornings and any sick patients after lunch. You will be instructed to call the office upon arrival, the check-in process is completed over the phone when you arrive. You will get a call when we are ready to take you to a room and will be met at the front door by the clinical staff who will take you to a room.

We are starting telemedicine visits today for any visit type required that we do not have to examine the patient. A message will be sent to your physician for approval of this type of visit and we will call you back to schedule and review the process. You will need to complete the Telemedicine forms and send back to us via email or fax prior to the visit. Click on the Forms button on our front page to print the forms.

Please know we are here for you and will help you and your family get through this as best as we can. Phones hours are 7:30am – 5pm Monday – Friday. Saturday 8:30 – 11:30. Our doctors are on-call as always.

Info for Weekend of 4/20/19

It’s that time of year again when Artsapalooza is taking place and our parking lot will be utilized. This event will impact our parking lot on April 20th-21st The hours for the event are: April 20th 10AM-5PM April 21st 11AM-5PM The event will include a children’s play area, local musicians, interactive art stations, plus up to 150 arts and crafts participants in every discipline. The festival location is in the heart of Sandy Springs, near interstate access and all things Atlanta. The event is held in the parking lot of the 6100 building. It is our understanding that Lake Forrest Drive will be closed beginning at 6PM on Friday, April 19th. We will still have access from Hammond Drive.

Dr. Kimberly Wise letter to patients

To my wonderful patients and friends at Sandy Springs Pediatrics,

After much thought and consideration, I am announcing that I will be leaving Sandy Springs Pediatrics on May 31st, 2019 to move to Kansas City, Kansas. This is not a letter I ever expected to write as I thought I would be here for my entire career, but my husband has been offered a great opportunity in Kansas City that will also allow him to devote more time to our family.

As you know, my family has grown a lot since I started at Sandy Springs Pediatrics almost 8 years ago. I am constantly trying to juggle my busy family life and my full-time career as a pediatrician in a fast-paced city. This move will allow both of us to be more involved as parents and continue the careers that we love.

This is one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make because of how much I adore taking care of all of you. You guys have such a special place in my heart, and make coming to work every day so enjoyable! I will miss each and every one of you. Sincerely, Kim Wise, MD

Please join us in welcoming Emily Andriessen, MD to our practice!

Dr. Andriessen comes to us from New Orleans, where she has practiced for the last two years after completing her residency and serving as Chief Resident at Louisiana State University School of Medicine. She and Dr. Aldridge trained together at LSU. She has worked in both the ER and after hours care and is looking forward to starting her practice here in Atlanta. She enjoys traveling and speaks Spanish and Dutch.

She and her husband will be moving to the Atlanta area in the next few months and she will be joining the practice in July 2019.

Introducing Self-scheduling

You can now schedule your child’s sick appointment through our webpage. Click on the Schedule Appointment button and it will take you through a series of prompts to schedule the appointment. Please note that for the date of birth you must pick the year, the month, the day. You will also have to pick the location even though we only have one. This will hopefully be streamlined in the upcoming upgrade in a few months.) This is for same day sick appointment only. You will be able to schedule next day appointment after 6:30pm.

This is available 24/7 so if you child is sick in the middle of the night you can schedule your appointment for the following morning at that time instead of having to call the office at 7:30am or without having to login to the patient portal.

You may also cancel appointments as long as it is not within 24 hours of the appointment.

Coming in the future you will be able to schedule new patient appointments, well checks, adhd appointments, rechecks, etc. We want to work out any bugs and start slowly to ensure it works well.

Office Notice for Saturday Oct 22, 2018

If you are coming to the office Saturday for an appointment or Dr. Long’s Retirement Party and our 50TH Anniversary Party please note the 33rd Annual Sandy Springs Heritage Festival will be going on as well. They will be using our parking lot for shuttles to the Festival. Our reserved parking spaces will still be available for patients being seen.

Mt. Vernon Hwy will be closed from Sandy Springs Circle east to Galambos Way beginning Fri. Sept, 21 at 1pm. Mt. Vernon Hwy will be closed on Saturday between Lake Forrest and Sandy Springs Circle from 6am until 9am or all runners have passed.

We hope you will drop by to say Goodbye to Dr. Long as well as letting your children have some fun with games, face painting etc. We will have some snacks available as well.